You might have always thought that your intelligence is predetermined based on genetics and various other factors that can’t be changed. But researchers have found out that this is not right. Rather the data shows, how our brain responds to situations and how feeding it can significantly enhance your mental horsepower.

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If you want to become smarter, it doesn’t mean you have to spare a lot of time and energy. And this is not something that will happen overnight. You only have to be willing to learn new things every day.

There are people who weren’t born intelligent but they worked really hard to do different activities that have made them smarter over the years. Whether they are business owners, artist or into any random field, they push and challenge themselves every day. Here is the habit that will make you smarter.


‘The right activity leads to great productivity’-Jim Rohn

The simplest activity to become smarter is playing a daily crossword game

Your activity of solving a free daily crossword is doing much more than helping you kill time on your way to work. It is certainly making you smarter into your golden years.


From online crossword to Sudoku puzzles, there is a long list of brain games designed to help keep your mind sharp. Although the games can’t turn you into ‘Albert Einstein’ or ‘Isaac Newton’ but can help sharpen your thinking.

Do you know when you practice solving puzzles of different genre every day of the year, it will train your brain to recall words quickly while enhancing your retention power? But, when you stop practicing, your brain tends to lose any of the skills it gained during that phase.


‘Each choice starts a behavior that over time becomes a habit.’-Darren Hardy

Did you know that online crossword have a long-lasting impact on your cognitive skills, helping you escape from burnout keeping elderly mentally sharp? You may be a whiz at chemistry in high school but if you haven’t applied the concepts of chemistry for the past 10 years, the skills will fade away. This doesn’t mean you have become less intelligent but it means your brain is focussed on a different type of thinking.


Boosting cognitive skills and longevity

Cognitive skills include:

· Verbal skills

· Spatial reasoning

· Abstract logic and memory.

Intelligence is influenced by the connections formed in the brain and how actively they are being used. Wealth Words crosswords are designed to help you engage in a variety of cognitive skills that may not be activated every day.


As adults, most of you fall into a similar pattern of the job skills that are being practiced every single day. This simply means that a certain type of thinking gets stronger every day while others fall by the wayside.

Successful brain training will come into existence when a custom approach to train a large spectrum of cognitive areas takes place. The main aim is to challenge the crossword solvers without overwhelming them.


What else is gained?

To your surprise, there is a long of benefits that follow with playing word search game.


· Lowers stress level

· Decreases anxiety

· Delays dementia and Alzheimer

· Better problem-solving skills

· Improved visual-spatial reasoning

Whenever there is constant attention shift, you tend to overload your brain. Online easy crossword gradually builds up to more challenging vocabulary and grammatical structures. Rather than hopping from screen to screen, focus your mind on solving various crossword puzzles and spend at least one hour daily on them.

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