Solving crossword puzzles is one of the best ways to relax and challenge your brain at the same time. It is a form of mental yoga that keeps your brain fit, stimulated, and healthy. If you are an amateur, just entering the competitive world of online crossword puzzles, you might feel a bit daunted and intimidated.

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Solving puzzles are not easy and for beginners, it can be more complicated. But do not fret. We have some effective and efficient tricks and tips to help you solve the puzzles successfully. These tips and tricks will help you avoid the confusion that most beginners face and assist you in learning faster and effective techniques.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to solve a crossword puzzle for beginners.

Always start with the FITB- If you don’t know what FITB is, it is the fill-in-the-blanks clues on your crossword puzzle. They are not only easy to spot but also simple to solve. You can take care of all such clues and get the ball rolling before you move on to the others. Moreover, if you solve even a couple of the fill-in-the-blanks clues, you will have a nice base to solve the more complicated and tough problems. So, if you are playing puzzle games online, make sure you fulfill all FITB clues before moving forward.


Always follow the theme- The theme is one of the most crucial points to successfully solving a puzzle. Unfortunately, it is often ignored by the beginners, consciously or unconsciously. It is essential to keep the theme in mind while brainstorming for the right answer for your online crossword. It will not only shortlist the number of options but also help you identify the clue must faster.

Fill in the small words first- You will find numerous small words with just three, four, or five letters. They are much easier to identify and solve. Mainly because there is quite a limited number of small words that can be used. The probability of you finding an unknown or complicated small word is almost negligible. Moreover, these small lettered words are often repeated. So, if you solve an online crossword puzzle regularly, you will be able to pick them accurately and fast. Fill them initially before moving forward to the bigger words.


Don’t be afraid to guess- Just because you are not sure about one answer, it does not mean you should stop or keep wasting time on the same clue. You can always guess the answer and fill in it. Just make sure you use a pencil so that you can change it later if you need to.

Obey the basic rules- There are certain rules that online crossword puzzle makers follow. If the clue is in the plural, the answer will be too. If the clue is directly or indirectly abbreviated, chances are the answer will be too. The clues and the answers share the same tense, voice, and language. If you follow these rules, you will find it much easier to solve even the toughest problems.


Just follow these tips and tricks and you will soon be a master in solving crossword puzzle online. But while you are doing so, do not forget to enjoy while solving. The game should not be some work but rather a medium to relax and unwind.

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